And then there were four...

Our Spring baby was born one stormy night in September. We named her Zoe which seems fitting as the name means "Life". There was something magical to me about the night she was born. She was a big girl at 4.35kg and 54cm long. Zoe and her big brother have been keeping me busy!

Bringing Zoe home.

Sleeping on Daddy.

This moment

I love the colours in this photo of E playing with his friends. I'm trying to make the most of these last months with my son before my second baby arrives. Anyone got any suggestions for activities I can do with him? I am 35 weeks pregnant now.

Second Pregnancy - 19 week ultrasound

I had the 19 week ultrasound a few weeks ago and I have finally got around to scanning the pictures! As far as they could tell everything is going well! Next week the new babies room should be all finished and we can move E in there and start on decorating his bedroom. I have been feeling a bit crummy of late, hubby has been away for work this week and his work has been pretty crazy lately. And we've all been sick with the first round of winter colds going around. E has been a handfull but he is a two year old so that is to be expected!

Paris 2007

I want to live here!

The final photo I posted because it is a little joke. Hubby took the photo because he thinks "Baby on Board" signs are hilarious, particularly in French... but the funny thing for me, is that I am in the background and little did we know that I had a baby on board...

37 weeks

Someone requested a photo of me in my late stage of pregnancy so here we go. I'm still doing pretty well. The baby is a healthy weight of over 3.5 kgs.

My feet and ankles are now about 3 sizes larger than they used to be. My hands are all swollen with carpel tunnel syndrome and I get super sore finger and knee joints. I find it difficult to nap/sleep during the day, it has never been something I'm good at. At night I get between 5 - 8 hours sleep.

The weather has been really hot. On Boxing Day it was 44 degrees celcius (which is 111.2 degrees Fahrenheit), since then it has swung between 30C (86 degrees Fahrenheit) and 42C (107.6 degrees Fahrenheit). Yesterday we had a power fail for several hours. I drove to hospital to see my Obstetrition through about 6 large intersections without working traffic lights - So scary!

So many changes

I'm thinking about so many things at the moment. I'm trying to get things organised around the house while I have the time and energy and can still (sort of) bend over. I feel like the house has so many little things that need fixing, painting etc. We will probably be moving on in a year or so, and it would be nice to have it looking great when we do.

I felt so inspired to do art while I was at work, I had so many things in my head I wanted to create. Now I just feel overwhelmed by all the things I want to do! I am encouraged by this post by Penelope Dullaghan. I need to do my own thing and not compare myself to other people. I will get out my art diary and create, draw, scrawl, and see what happens. My style is so all over the place right now, it needs to move on to something new. I also need to stop procrastinating, the internet is such a time waster.

I am moving on from my past in many ways. In my new life as a mother, and working for myself again.

Even the way I dress is changing. Not just because I'm not going to work and I am getting bigger, but because I can relax a bit and wear dresses, skirts and sandals every day. It feels great!

I wanted Steve to take a photo of my chai that says chai on it. You know, just in case I wasn't sure what I was drinking.

We are enjoying our remaining days as just the two of us.

The three of us.

This weekend Steve and I travelled to Sydney for my Nan's funeral, which was on saturday. I'm so glad that Steve could come with me to Sydney. He was some much needed support to get me through the funeral and eulogy.

Here we are in the Blue Mountains. We drove up to Blackheath this morning to meet up with Steve's brother Jeff and our three nephews. I'm 27 weeks pregnant tomorrow.