My Creative Space - Finished Quilt

Finally this quilt is done! It is my first finished quilt for my firstborn. Finished just in time for him to use it on his toddler bed. I used some Peas and Carrots fabrics and various others I picked up to match. The design is a really simple log pattern block. I decided to hand quilt it in a circle pattern because I much prefer the look of hand quilting than machine quilting.

I'm pretty chuffed with the binding fabric that I chose to finish it off. It ties all the fabrics together with the blue, yellow and red.

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My Creative Space - High Tea

Last weekend I hosted a high tea celebration for my sister who is getting married this weekend. Actually it was more of a brunch because more sparkling wine was consumed than tea. The frustrated stylist in me had so much fun putting this table together! I was road testing the cake stands that we had made for the wedding cupcakes. They are made using thrifted plates and glasses. The homemade flavoured marshmallows are from a local Patisserie called Sweetness. The birds I am currently making for a mobile which will go in the nursery. The bird pattern is from Spool sewing.

I didn't get photos of the food once it was all in place but you get the idea. We had Strawberries, Baklava, marshmallows, Orange and Cranberry Oat cookies, Golden syrup slice (vegan), mini quiches, cucumber sandwiches (some with avocado, swiss cheese or salmon), cherry cheese cake, cranberry brownies and chilli chocolate muffins.

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Handmade Christmas

For Christmas I wanted to make many gifts by hand but started too late and ran out of time. I did however manage to make five customized t-shirts and 2 decorative throw cushions. These t-shirts were actually made for a friends little girl for her birthday. The bird print is from a thrifted dress, I cut it up to use the fabric.

The nieces loved the cushions. You may remember the cushion at the back from the Umbrella Prints trimmings competition. The one in front I made more recently.

My creative space

A whole lot of fabrics newly washed and folded. They're all ready to make things or sit there until I find some complimentary fabrics.

This week I hope to make a stripey cushion cover for the foam on Ethan's Ikea drawers. My other plans for his room include making some curtains, painting it light blue or green, and getting a rug for the floor. But maybe not all this week.

Ethan going on a boat trip with Puppy.

Today my Mum brought around my old Doll house that she made for my sister and I when we were little (My Mum is a clever lady). My husband suggested that we do it up for Ethan as a Christmas present. I'm going to update all the furniture for him by repainting.

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Eye Candy

Some thrift store finds this week. Haniwa Stone bowl in the "Maywood" Pattern (made in Japan) and a bottle of buttons (from the fifties and or sixties?) pictured are some of my favourites. I love the colours and patterns. Haven't decided what to do with the buttons yet.

Umbrella prints - entry #5

As to these fabrics, I was a bit stumped. Before hearing about the Umbrella prints trimmings competition my intention was to make a cot quilt. For the purpose of the competition I didn't have the fabrics or the time needed to make it. So I ended up making a little decorator cushion with a chenille backing. I love that chenille for kids. Don't they just love tactile fabrics?! I'm thinking this may go to a niece for Christmas.