Spring in the garden

Lately we have been enjoying some beans from the garden and some fresh salads - we have, rocket, mizuna, mustard and some other salad varieties. A lot of things are getting eaten by the possums, the spinach is especially popular! Just when I think it's almost time for spinach pie it gets whisked away! Never-the-less we do get to eat some things. We also have corn and tomatoes on the way.

Carnations from the kids Grandmother "Marnie" by the cubbyhouse. On our to-do list - oil that cubbyhouse!

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

For my daughters second birthday we had a Mad Hatter's Tea Party. The kid loves hats so it just came to me one day, we had to have a Mad Hatter's Tea Party!

I nade a bunny cake (complete with coconut fur). We borrowed extra kids chairs from our neighbours, so we had lots of mismatched chairs which looked kind of mad. The kids decorated their own party hats with stickers. For food we had fruit, gingerbread hearts, cucumber and egg sandwiches, fairy bread and my husband likes to make rainbow jelly cups.

Friend in the garden

This animal hangs out in our garden sometimes. I think it is a Jacky water dragon. It makes me happy when I catch a glimpse of it. I like to think of our garden as a haven for native animals. Here it is hanging out on the veranda of the kids cubby house.

I see the light!

We have lived in this house for a few years now. We knew from the beginning that we wanted to do something different with the dark and gloomy middle room... It took us a little while to work out what it was that we wanted to do with it. Finally we had an epiphany; found a good builder's draftsperson and a great builder.
Ta-Da!! Natural light and open plan living space.

There is still a lot more to do, but we are getting somewhere. So that is nice.

My little edible patch

Since these photos were taken the lettuce and parsley have been eaten by the local possums. They are just resprouting now.

Currently in my winter garden I have:

strawberry plants
oregano (recovering well)
sage (going crazy)
lemongrass (re-potted today)
mint (sad, re-potted today)
parsley (nibbled by possums)
perpetual lettuce (nibbled by possums)
mizuna greens (looking and tasting good)
garlic chives (yummy in corn fritters tonight)
onion (experiment)

A sprouting store bought onion which I planted in a pot to see what it would do.

I have never used sage in cooking before so I'm looking forward to trying this. Feel free to send me any of your favourite recipes with sage.

Autumn flow

This Autumn we have been busy. We kicked some goals with the home renovations. We agree that the house feels more ours now and more homely too. We finally have a back fence which is an amazing feeling, privacy from the neighbours (lovely as they are), safety for the children and we can now plant some plants and make other changes to the backyard.

We went camping with the kids for the first time, it turned out well and the kids enjoyed it a lot, especially our oldest who had a ball.

I have been sick with a cold for over a month and the kids for several weeks. E is so sick now with Bronchialitis poor little man. He has been quite clingy. It makes me realize how much comfort I give him as his mum, which is a nice feeling.

I have also been making a lot of baby food. I love making it, I find it relaxing but haven't had as much time as I'd like to try different recipes. The William Bartlett pears have been amazing, but most of them go into baby food.