For a while now I have wanted to scan these photos and post them on my blog. They are photos I took in Newtown, Sydney when I was studying Design. We were studying the relationship between the urban landscape and design. Newtown has changed a lot recently, but it used to be dirty, colourful and interesting.

Inspire Me Thursday - Expand Comfort Zone

Last weeks topic was about being in our comfort zone. This week it's about expanding your comfort zone. I'm not confident with watercolours but I am having a good go with them lately... Here are some fish paintings in watercolour destined for the baby's room. These fish are varieties that inhabit the local West Australian waters. The one on the right is a Scribbled Angelfish, I'm not sure about the ones on the left.

I thought about this topic using the related articles and pretty much came up with some more new years resolutions! Here are some ways I can expand my comfort zones... I made a list of things that I put off doing or am afraid of doing. Goals that would make me happy or proud if I achieved them.

start donating blood
stop procrastinating
finish the baby’s quilt
visit some neighbours
join some mother’s groups
write / draw in a paper journal
organize my artworks
learn to speak Italian
study watercolour painting
enter an art show
try advertising with postcards / press
taste – cook some Indian food
read newspapers online

Inspire Me Thursday - New Year Resolutions

I have written my resolutions a little differently this year. Most years I make a list of things I want to achieve, but I decided not to make a to-do list this year. Instead, I am listing some words I want to use as a theme for the year. I couldn't choose one single word for the year so I chose many. With the words I have mainly focused on being a parent for the first time, organisation and savouring every moment of being a parent.

Life Savour / Spirit / Love / Friendship
Relationships Attention / Listen / Openness / Support
Art and Domestic Order / Confidence / Creativity / Growth

I also plan to start an art journal using mainly pen and ink. I'll use a little collage and watercolour when I want some colour and texture!