Kangaroo Valley

A few photos from a trip to the country in Spring. The echidna was crossing the road as we drove along and I stopped to take this photo. He/she ambled down a driveway after letting me take some pictures. It was the first echidna I have ever seen in the wild!

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I am busy working on a very exciting project!

Picnic at the beach

On the weekend we visited a friend who lives near the beach, we had a picnic in a little cove and took E for a paddle. I just love finding fun things in nature like these red and black Waratah anemones! There were also lots of little schools of fish, if you were fast enough you could catch them with your cupped hands.

Paris 2007

I want to live here!

The final photo I posted because it is a little joke. Hubby took the photo because he thinks "Baby on Board" signs are hilarious, particularly in French... but the funny thing for me, is that I am in the background and little did we know that I had a baby on board...


The other night with my family over for dinner, we picked a pommegranate and popped some seeds in sparkling wine. The next day I gave some seeds to Ethan, and to my surprise he gobbled up the sour tasting seeds!!

Boy in the mirror

Ethan is growing up so fast!! He has put on a lot of weight all of a sudden and looks like a toddler now. Here are some pictures I took this week of him looking at himself in our bedroom mirror. It's quite spooky. On thursday I took Ethan to the park for a swing. Sometimes as a mother I wish I could take a video of parts of my life to remember every little detail.

Coffs Harbour

One of the highlights of the trip for me was a visit to the Butterfly house in Coffs Harbour. I think butterflies are so fascinating. I just love the tropical landscape on the north coast of New South Wales and Queensland.

The next day we visited the little artistic community of Bellingen. We had a delicious lunch at the Gallery Cafe. It is so beautiful in the hills around that area.

back from the beach

Every summer my husband's family get together for a holiday at Burleigh Heads in Queensland. We haven't been for 4 years because we were living far away in Western Australia. But this year we are living closer and managed to spend a week in the sun and surf. We would have liked to stay another week to unwind fully but we had a good time. Ethan had a blast!! He loved the sand and water but he may have eaten some sand! The sun umbrella in the right hand side of the photo is about 60 years old.