Kangaroo Valley

A few photos from a trip to the country in Spring. The echidna was crossing the road as we drove along and I stopped to take this photo. He/she ambled down a driveway after letting me take some pictures. It was the first echidna I have ever seen in the wild!

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I am busy working on a very exciting project!

Flannel flowers

I found these flannel flowers while my sister and I were looking at places to have her wedding.

I will show you our research for the wedding soon! We have been trawling flickr for examples of what we want to do. It's so much easier than when I got married. Don't you just love the Internet!

I'm back!!

Willy Wagtail bird ( based on a photo I took back in Perth) with Flannel Flowers and butterflies.

I haven't posted artwork for so a long... What with having a baby and moving twice, franticly renovating to sell (twice) and renovating to live in, plus not having a working scanner for a long time. In the last year or so I have been doing lots of sketching and collecting ideas in my journals, but haven't done any finished artworks until now. I'm feeling very rusty, but I am really enjoying drawing and painting again.

Lovely wattle

I haven't posted any flowers for a while. This is a beautiful wattle currently in flower in Sydney. It has a strong perfume which you can smell even when the plant is quite far away.

In our garden

The block of units we are living in has some beautiful gum trees, a jacaranda tree and some paperbarks out the front. There is also a hodge podge of flowers and plants that many residents have added over the years. I kinda love the garden, it brightens my day. Here are some beautiful flowers in bloom right now.

Farewell WA #1

As I mentioned earlier, we are moving to Sydney at the end of this month. We are going to miss a lot in Western Australia, so I am doing a series of posts about my favourite aspects to living in Perth. One of those things is the flora! WA is famous for it's beautiful native flowers which spring out of the sandy soil. These are some beauties I haven't yet shown on my blog. We photographed them on our trip to Kalbarri last year. If you like these, there are more flowers in my flickr set. The pink ones were absolutely gorgeous with their fluffy petals! The white ones with orange centres are tiny tiny!