I'm back!!

Willy Wagtail bird ( based on a photo I took back in Perth) with Flannel Flowers and butterflies.

I haven't posted artwork for so a long... What with having a baby and moving twice, franticly renovating to sell (twice) and renovating to live in, plus not having a working scanner for a long time. In the last year or so I have been doing lots of sketching and collecting ideas in my journals, but haven't done any finished artworks until now. I'm feeling very rusty, but I am really enjoying drawing and painting again.

Coffs Harbour

One of the highlights of the trip for me was a visit to the Butterfly house in Coffs Harbour. I think butterflies are so fascinating. I just love the tropical landscape on the north coast of New South Wales and Queensland.

The next day we visited the little artistic community of Bellingen. We had a delicious lunch at the Gallery Cafe. It is so beautiful in the hills around that area.

Some random photos from the weekend...

We scored some baby-sitting on friday night so Steve and I spent a few hours wandering the city. On saturday we drove to Newcastle for a birthday party at a nature reserve - hence the koalas. The koala babies were so adorable, curled up asleep! The cute little insect was hiding in the mint my Mum was chopping up to make mint sauce.

My baby Ethan has had three teeth break through today, so he is not his usual chirpy self, poor little man.