fresh produce!

We spent the weekend with Steve's family in the country. I love to check out what is going on in the vegie patch. At the moment there are tomatoes, potatoes, spinach, zucchini, leeks, capsicum and lots of herbs. I didn't get a photo of the vegie patch itself. I wish I had because it is so pretty!

We also had some local peaches for breakfast. Ethan loves them and I think they might be the best peaches I have ever eaten! Unfortunately this particular crop of peaches won't get to the shops because they were damaged by a hailstorm (so they don't look pretty). I brought some home to stew and freeze for Ethan.

Today we went to the car races - Steve had some free tickets to the corporate box. It's not often we get babysitting for Ethan and do something as just a couple, so it was fun! We ended up having a few drinks, a yummy lunch and reading the papers and magazines with the sound of cars zooming around us! Hee. Oh and we watched the race a bit, but there is only so many times you can watch the cars zoom past.