First Birthday!!

My little man is one year old. On the weekend we had a party for him in the local park amongst the trees.

We wanted to make a cake based on a train, plane or spaceship but I didn't like any of the designs in my kids cake book. So I created this design loosely based on Ethan's toy aeroplane. I found this easy and very tasty chocolate cake recipe. My Mother made up a new buttercream icing recipe using buttermilk and a dash of vanilla. It tasted amazing! The licorice was pulled at by one of the eager young ones before we sang Happy Birthday, that's why that part of the plane is flapping in the breeze!

Even more amazing was the Medovnik (Russian Honey Cake) which my sister made (pictured in background). It consists of many layers of cake and creamy filling. She fell for the Medovnik when she was living in Prague and has been craving it since she arrived back in Australia. She tried to replicate the recipe. The entire Medovnik cake was devoured, it was so good.