Street Art

I recently watched an Artscape program on the ABC which was featuring Melbourne artists Ghostpatrol and Miso. What really interested me about them is how they began as street artists. Miso was talking about her paste ups. These are some of her pictures that she designs to fit into a particular space in the urban environment. She then pastes them up somewhere on the streets of Melbourne and these images change as the elements and other people interact with it. I have loved this idea since studying grafitti in highschool and during university taking photos of poster art and grafitti in Newtown, Sydney.

So this program led me to revisit these photos below which I took in Perth when we were still living there. Now Perth isn't particularly known for it's grafitti, there isn't much of it around. So I was surprised to find these on my street and surrounding streets. It made me wonder, who did these? What do they mean? I was intrigued how they used the pipe to add to the images.

Now don't get me wrong, I do not condone tagging everything in sight or marking for the sake of it, and if I ran the restaurant with the purple and yellow walls I may not be too happy about having a three eyed teddy alien featured there. But these made MY day.