The Magical Labyrinth - Book out soon!

Exciting news!! The children's book that I illustrated recently will be out soon. Here is the final cover design. This lovely story was written by Ruth Jacobs Weaver, thanks Ruth for giving me the opportunity to illustrate your beautiful story - I am truly touched. Thanks also go to the publishers - Brolga Publishing.

A delightful children's story that explores the mystery and magic of the labyrinth and fairy land.

As Joel and his mother venture into the forest and walk the winding labyrinth, the fairies are ever watchful that they stay safe and don't wander off the path.

When they reach the centre of the labyrinth, the place where all wishes come true... Can you guess what Joel wishes for?

This beautiful story gently shows how we can all be kind and loving to one another.

Author Information

Ruth Weaver is a first time children's author from Western Australia and currently works as an art therapist. Her interest in labyrinths as a metaphor for life's journey has grown over the years and was the inspiration for this book.

I'll be posting more on the book in coming months. Can't wait to open my box when it arrives!

News from Spring

I thought I would swing by to update you on few things I have been up to lately. After a holiday visiting family in the country, Camping at Wombeyan caves followed by a relaxing few days at the beach, we returned refreshed and ready for the lead up to Christmas... maybe.

I recently joined Illustrators Australia, I'm very excited to be part of this great resource for Illustrators. You can see my little page over here.

I painted a piece of timber for the "9x5 show" for the Illustrators Australia CARNIVALE exhibition. I was inspired by a past trip to Venice and Padua. If you happen to be in Melbourne you can visit the 9X5 Exhibition at SPACE 39, Lvl 2, 39 Little Collins St, Melbourne. Opening night is this Friday the 9th November 6pm-9pm.

Last Saturday I made the long trek into the Blue Mountains to "Pinerolo" Margaret Hamilton's children's book cottage in Blackheath. She runs courses on children's book publishing among other things. It was so lovely to be swept up in her enthusiasm for the books she has created over the years and all the amazing writers and illustrators she has worked with. She was also joined by renowned illustrator Wayne Harris who showed us many of his award winning books and and the original illustrations he created for them.

I enjoyed Margaret's extensive Owl collection, original collections of artwork from many amazing artists including one of my former tutors Tony Oliver. I didn't get a chance to have a good peek at her book collection.

Autumn colours

I took these photos a while ago... but I liked the colours and they capture the feel of our Autumn this year. A beautiful sunrise, rain and then fun at the park when we got a bit of sun.

Thinking about colouring my hair again. Photo and hairstyle tutorial here.

Friend in the garden

This animal hangs out in our garden sometimes. I think it is a Jacky water dragon. It makes me happy when I catch a glimpse of it. I like to think of our garden as a haven for native animals. Here it is hanging out on the veranda of the kids cubby house.

I see the light!

We have lived in this house for a few years now. We knew from the beginning that we wanted to do something different with the dark and gloomy middle room... It took us a little while to work out what it was that we wanted to do with it. Finally we had an epiphany; found a good builder's draftsperson and a great builder.
Ta-Da!! Natural light and open plan living space.

There is still a lot more to do, but we are getting somewhere. So that is nice.