My favourite paints for kids

I thought I would share some of my favourite art supplies for kids. I love these washable dot paint markers for kids. I can't find these particular ones online but I bought these in my local toy shop. I guess they are kind of like bingo pens but they come in an array of colours. We like to use them to decorate plain paper for personalised gift wrap. We have been using this set for over a year now and they are still going strong. My 17 month old likes using these too.

We also like the Faber-Castell Finger paints which come in a set of six. The small pots of colour are great, but only last a few sessions (if that).

"Blue Heart" January 2012

I'm still looking for some good paint in tubes or large format. I did buy some large bottles at my local art shop, but the colours dry dull and are still potentially messy after they have supposedly "dried". They are so successfully washable that the paint will get wet again if you touch the work with slightly damp hands. Please note that my son is using the paint that I am not fond of. I put it in the little Faber-Castell pots.

What are your favourite paints for kids?