In limbo

Well we made it to Sydney in one piece and we are camping at my Mum 's place until our apartment is available to move in. I can't wait! I miss my things and I miss, well... being sort of organised! Steve wrapped up all the last bits and pieces back in Perth and is getting accustomed to his new workplace here in Sydney.

I have so far caught up with most of my family and my mates Jen, Fi, Kathryn and Anne. Fionna's little 3 month old boy, William is adorable! Jen and I caught up for brunch in Newtown last Saturday. It was great to spend time with Jen and I hope to catch up with her often. We visited a fun new button shop and some of my old favourite stores in Newtown.

Next week my sister Frances arrives back from a year and a half abroad. I can't wait to see her and fiance Kristian, and for her to finally meet her nephew Ethan.