Broome Entry Three - In Town

Getting to Broome we arrived at our new motel the Mangrove Resort at about 7:30pm feeling very tired but excited by the new experiences and things we had seen. We fell into the shower with relief and had dinner at the Mangrove resort bar. We had dinner by the water with large black crickets jumping around our feet while we ate. I had a rich seafood curry of Balmain bug and local reef fish. Our waitress was a friendly French backpacker and other people from our tour where having dinner at the Resort as well.

On the way back to our room we saw a grey/ brown moth the size of a small bird. And seeing more black crickets hopping around the place we realised we really were in the tropics.

In the morning I took a photo of the ibis feasting on crickets outside our window.

On the friday we explored the town of Broome. We had a bad coffee and burnt fruit toast at a very nice outdoor cafe. We then found a fantastic book shop where we wanted to buy all the books. We had lunch next door at the Frangipani Cafe where I had this scallop and prawn salad which had a watermelon vinegarette. Delish!!

We visited the Old Sun Picture theatre which is said to be the oldest surviving outdoor cinema in the world.

At sunset we went on a hoovercraft ride over the mudflats of Roebuck Bay. Steve now wants a job driving one of those things.

We hopped out of the hoovercraft to see the large dinosaur footprints left in the rocks on the beach.

We caught the sun setting over Roebuck bay, which creates a staircase effect on the mudflats.