Paper for Art swap with Dawbis

Photo by Dawbis.

I have been following the artwork of Dawn for years now and have been pestering her to let me do a paper for art swap. Once she agreed I started saving some papers I thought she might like. One design I had bought in Florence, Italy. Another at a gift store in the Hunter Valley. Some are from my favourite art supply stores, others are origami papers from a Japanese gift store in the city.

Photo by Dawbis.

Home Inspiration

Just discovered this sneekpeak on DesignSponge which I love. We all know how much I love green and I have also been loving reds, orange and blues lately. I love the mix of old and new in this place. Somehow it just looks fresh.

I must admit I have been loving frames made from recycled bits of wood recently (like the ones in the bedroom) I think I am a frustrated beachcomber.

And the nursery has been done in similar colours to ours. We have done the green wall again like in E's room with orange and red accessories. I can't wait to finish our house someday. It is currently so far removed from my vision for it that I am secretly embarrassed whenever anyone visits!

Artist - Maira Kalman

I recently discovered this excellent artist Maira Kalman and read her NY times blog in the pursuit of happiness and an interview with her. I instantly felt some affinity with her art. When I was in highschool I would sometimes paint picures quite similar to hers; bright colours, a bit naive, quickly painted, at the time my style was somewhat influenced by Chagall and Matisse. Also I have recently been toying with the idea of painting a lot of "brain dump" sort of pictures for my blog, rather than using so many photos and using hand written text like Penelope Dullaghan and Jenny Kostecki-Shaw.

International Art Exchange

A while back I was invited to participate in the International Art Exchange. I thought it would be fun, so I sent off my package to my dedicated person and some invites to some other people. I only got one person interested due to the busy time of year and some of the people I invited had done it before. So of the 36 possible works of art I could have received, I got one from the amazing Emma Kidd of Ben Conservato. Even the envelope is a work of art. Thanks Emma!! Now I need to find a frame for a friendly little monster! And I still want to send off something to the person who invited me to participate.