Illustration Friday - Sour

I'm loving this brown paper! I thought I'd try my hand at a pattern. White conte pencil and coloured pencil on brown recycled paper. And Photoshop.

I love to eat lemons. Yes, I know that's kind of wierd but it was actually the first "real food" that I ate as a baby. A relative thought it would be funny to see my reaction, I actually liked it and still eat them if they are garnish on my plate or drink!

Illustration Friday - Hoard

Micron pen and acrylic paint.

This is a rough picture I drew and painted while the bub was asleep. I have been so frustrated lately because I haven't had time to paint or draw. This is the first time I have used a micron pen for drawing. I watered the acrylic paint down to create a blotchy effect. Watercolour paints would have been better, but I was using cheap paper.

My husband would say that I hoard art supplies. These are some things in my studio; my second hand drafting table, ikea tubs full of paints, fabric and paper(I have more), big ikea shelves that house a lot of stuff and my rolls of paper and canvas.

Illustration Friday - Plain

Mixed media (black ink, watercolours, tea and acrylic inks).

"The Crow and the Peacock"

[EDIT] I didn't realise that there was a fable about the Crow and the Peacock until Stephanie mentioned the fable in her comment. Or maybe I had heard the story before and it was somewhere in the corners of my mind.

I started out wanting to paint a crow in ink and then I thought I should put it next to something bright and colourful in comparison.