Our weekend

Ethan has started walking in the last week. He is getting quite good at it but is walking with arms out front zombie style! He has also been riding his fire engine around a lot. Most notably while holding his balloon at the same time. Yeehaw!!

Friday night we stayed with my Dad in the city. Steve took me out in the morning for a yummy breakfast (we haven't been out anywhere for I don't know how long) and he wanted us to look for something for my thirtieth birthday present. This was cut short when I walked into a (very clean) glass window where I left half my face on the window and I quickly left (half in shock and half in mortification) with an enormous lump on my noggin! Steve being the lovely husband he is ran off to find some ice and a cool drink to ease the swelling.

I was going to drive to Jen's place for a picnic lunch but Steve decided it was probably best I didn't drive with possible concussion, so he gave us a lift. Jen's new unit is so perfect for one person. She has decorated it and it looks great. Ethan enjoyed jumping in her beanbag and playing with her different pegs!

Sunday I visited the Mathilda's Market in Sydney. It was a great collection of craft products for children. As always the products for girls were over represented, however my Mum and I did purchase two very cute t-shirts for Ethan.

One was a cute pirate ship t-shirt from Sandt. It looks awesome with his navy pinstripe pants he was given for his first birthday!

and the owl tee from The Raisin Did It. I also bought a birthday gift for my sister from Gifts Created.