IF Interview - Jenny Kostecki Shaw

Artwork by Jenny Kostecki Shaw

I don't post about my favourite artists very often, but I just had to mention this interview by Illustration Friday creator Penelope Dullaghan. She spoke to the amazing Jenny Kostecki Shaw and I think she has a lot of wise things to say about being an illustrator.

My favourite quote is...
In my illustration, sometimes I paint more dreamy and narrative; other times it’s more graphic and kid-spirited. It just depends on the project. I think if you are true to yourself, your work is going to feel like ‘you’ no matter what you create, and no matter what medium you use.

I have recently felt like I need to find my signature medium. However I love using so many different mediums such as pencils, ink, watercolour, collage, acrylic and digital or a combination. I feel very limited by picking just one. Jenny is right, developing a personal style or viewpoint is more important.