Portraits with the kids for "The Australian" this week...

The surprise event this week was we had some photos taken of the kids and I for an article about the 2016 Australian census. Apparently the average Australian is a 38 year old woman with 2 children - THAT'S ME!!! Photo taken by amazing journalist photographer John Feder for The Australian. The photo wasn't used in the end... A little bizarre to be asked about myself and my life because of my age and situation. And so nice to have some good photos of the kids and I. I'm often saying to my hubby, I wish I had some nice shots with the kids. I'm usually behind the camera taking them of him and the kids... Life throws some funny things your way at times.

Anna Lloyd and kids by John Feder
Anna Lloyd and kids by John Feder.jpg

Photos by John Feder for The Australian - June 2017