On making things

I was thinking about a conversation I had with a friend the other day, on having time to make things... and I realised something (which is probably quite obvious really)... That the best friends you can have are those that encourage you to improve or grow. Friends can do that in different ways, they can listen to you or comment on your life / actions (in a positive way) or empathise, or share their philosophies on life. Friendships can go through "seasons" too, so stick with them if you can!

What I was lamenting was the fact that I don't find the time to make things because I used to be able to find hours at a time to paint or create, so I would wallow in a creation or creations for maybe even a whole day (much to my husbands frustration). Now I struggle with the fact that my creative hours have turned to minutes at a time. I was asking said friend how she found time to create and she told me that she had to change her pre-concieved ideas of the outcome. She doesn't think "I have to create this perfect object that I have in mind, I'm just going to create because I need to, to stay sane!"

I loved this idea from Jenny Sue and this post by Penny and this post which I happened to read not long after this conversation. It also got me onto thinking about my life and current stresses too, my bad back and all the things we want to do to the house. I just need to step back and realise there is no hurry, I can spend an half an hour to an hour gardening instead of two and maybe my back won't get so bad, it doesn't matter if we don't get everything done, so do it by half.

One thing I know is that I have to be creative in some way, it doesn't really matter what it is, I can cook, decorate, draw, paint, collage, make jewellery, sew, do web design, you name it. At the moment it is cooking. Today I made healthy pear muffins and pumpkin soup! Oh and I made playdough shapes with E!

My current to-do list (much shortened version)

finish hand quilting E's quilt!

Finish the quilted coasters I'm making for my sister

Finish blocks for my friend's son's birthday

new website for my friends business

Potty training book for E in Aussie wording and doesn't talk about buying a new potty (we already have one)

Finish the book I am writing

Table runners for living room

Placemats for the dining table

Rug for Ethan's room (Handmade Home)

Door stop (from Crafty Minx book)

Sketches for children's books

Make a Colouring book