It was a quick drawing I did for Illustration friday for the topic "seed". Ethan was just a baby at the time so I went for a walk in the local park and drew it as he slept. A few months ago I found this on polyvore and was at first alarmed, then flattered, but now I am not sure how to feel about it. When I found it, it had been up there on Polyvore for a whole year. When I told my husband and my sister they said "that's great Anna!!". I am happy that the image is linked back to my blog, which is the way I found it in the first place. But then the artwork looks terrible cut like that. I do not condone the use of other peoples work, but I also like to do collages for my own scrapbooks and sometimes as inspiration for my artworks using photos I have cut from magazines. I also play around with fashion styling using pictures I have saved off fashion sites, plus I have dabbled with polyvore using fashion images. I assume that most of the collages on polyvore are done by young teenagers who have probably not even thought of the ownership issues. So where do you draw the line?