The Three is plenty meme!

The lovely Flossy P tagged me.

Three TV shows I watch regularly:
1. Project Runway
2. The Cook and the Chef
3. The IT Crowd (makes me laugh like nothing else!)

Three things that happened yesterday:

1. Ethan decided he enjoyed walking around holding my hands.
2. Ethan had a bad reaction to his immunisation so was grumpy most of the day and didn't have his day naps.
3. Got yummy Thai takeaway because we both had a long day and didn't feel like cooking.

Eight favourite places to eat:
1. At my Mum's of course, she's a great cook!
2. Our friend's Fi and Ant's place (Ant is a Chef)
3. Da Vinci Restaurant, North Perth (near our old home)
4. A restaurant in Manarola, Cinque Terre in Italy.
5. Jarrah Jacks in Pemberton, Western Australia.
6. The Indian restaurant we ate at in York, UK.
7. An English pub with good food and a pint.
8. Our local Thai restaurant is outstanding.
I love food.

Three things on my wish list:

1. Some awesome and very cute boots for winter.
2. A bag that fits my essentials and art journal, along with Ethan's things.
3. A home with space for Ethan to play, Steve to tinker and artroom for me.

Three things I'm looking forward to:

1. To return to my pre-baby weight or close to.
2. Ethan learning to walk, it can't be that far away!
3. Winter. Or at least some slightly cooler weather.