29th Birthday

I was totally spoilt for my birthday. As usual I had a brunch party on sunday with crepes, croissants, my toblerone / 70% dark chocolate sauce, mountains of fruit, egg and bacon rolls, and polenta and corn muffins. We all stuffed ourselves. This time we had it at Kings Park at a BBQ area instead of at home. Two of my friends boys Cian and Cameron got along very well. They are both two years old and it was so fun to watch them play.

Steve gave me a butterfly wing pendant by Simone Walsh, chocolate and an enormous baby book I wanted ("Kid-wrangling" by Kaz Cook). Jasmin gave me some beautiful earrings from Moe Moe, they are my new favourites! Jen gave me some beautiful green glass earrings with gold foil inside. From my parents and inlaws... some sewing books I've been wanting, AWESOME! Some art supplies (including a Moleskine sketchbook) and a gift voucher to get some clothes for winter.