Portraits with the kids for "The Australian" this week...

The surprise event this week was we had some photos taken of the kids and I for an article about the 2016 Australian census. Apparently the average Australian is a 38 year old woman with 2 children - THAT'S ME!!! Photo taken by amazing journalist photographer John Feder for The Australian. The photo wasn't used in the end... A little bizarre to be asked about myself and my life because of my age and situation. And so nice to have some good photos of the kids and I. I'm often saying to my hubby, I wish I had some nice shots with the kids. I'm usually behind the camera taking them of him and the kids... Life throws some funny things your way at times.

Anna Lloyd and kids by John Feder
Anna Lloyd and kids by John Feder.jpg

Photos by John Feder for The Australian - June 2017

Sneakpeek in my studio today

Today I tidied up my studio. I cleared away the kids homework and the household papers that get dumped on my desk, did a bit of a chuck out and found some old sketchy gems. I vacuumed, dusted and scrubbed off the pen marks and the tea and coffee rings.

Art supplies on my desk

My beloved biscuit tin was my Nan's. I remember looking at it when I was a kid so I guess it influenced my love of Australian Native flowers. I had to rescue it out of a dumpster after my Nan passed away.

palette on my desk

I put my collection of Winsor and Newton inks in an old Ferrero Roche tub.

hanging pot and sketchbooks

I dug out an old pot that used to be my Nan's that was sitting in my Mum's garage and put it in my mother In law Yvonne's old 70's pot hanger and planted this pretty plant. I don't know what the plant is called, but it grows tendrils of heart shaped leaves; I have another one in the front hall. Now that's all tidied up I'm all ready to create more art!

Art supplies

New Products on Red Bubble

Red Bubble has introduced quite a few new products. There are acrylic blocks, clocks and scarves.... My most popular designs are my Magical Wise Owl design, Callistemon flowers and my Feather design is popular on t-shirts especially... My products are available at my Red bubble page.

Red Bubble products by Anna Lloyd

Red Bubble products by Anna Lloyd

Bohemian feather tee available at Red Bubble

Bohemian feather tee available at Red Bubble

Magical Wise Owl Clock available at Red Bubble

Magical Wise Owl Clock available at Red Bubble

Kiama Seaside Markets

I have come up with a greeting card range for sale. They are printed on 340gsm card with brown recycled paper envelopes. So far I have printed 15 designs. They are blank inside for your personalised message.

Last Sunday I held a stall at Kiama Seaside markets by the waterfront at Black Beach. It was a lovely sunny day but got very windy around 11.30am. I've learnt to be quite wary of selling greeting cards and artworks outdoors! We ended up using a tow rope from the car to act as extra anchor to the ground. Here are some photos of my stall while I was setting up!

Not such a successful market day but Steve and my son had a nice bike ride to the Kiama blow-hole.

My stall before the wind picked up

My stall before the wind picked up

Next time I'll tape the prints into their frames so they don't slip down

Next time I'll tape the prints into their frames so they don't slip down

first order of my greeting cards for delivery

first order of my greeting cards for delivery

Red bubble 15% off sale

Red Bubble is currently having a 15% off everything sale!! You can use the promo code RBHOLIDAY15 in the Red Bubble shop to recieve 15% off all purchases. The offer is valid now until Thursday, November 6th 2014.

Pictured below is my Honeyeater with Grevillea flowers design on the cream t-shirt. Wearing a size small - about size 10. My shop is here

Interesting article about Illustrators Australia and the Wear Art Thou Exhibition on the Red Bubble blog

Wear Art Thou Exhibition - Red Bubble

I am part of the Illustrators Australia Wear Art Thou exhibition. Redbubble challenged Illustrator Australia members to create designs specifically for t-shirts and the exhibition will showcase all these designs on t-shirts and other products you can purchase from Red Bubble.

If you are in Melbourne be sure to head to the exhibition at No Vacancy Gallery, QV Building, Melbourne, to see all the designs in person!

The works will be on view from September 3rd to 14th, with an opening party on Friday the 5th.

Wear Art Thou Opening Party Where: No Vacancy Gallery

When: Friday September 5th

Time: 6pm till late

Mossman Gorge - Queensland

Mossman Gorge just North West of Cairns was absolutely stunning so I thought I would show you some snaps from our daytrip up there. We had a short stop in Palm Cove first for some beach combing with the kids. This is my goofy self excited to be on a beach in Northern Queensland. It was my first trip north of Brisbane.

The beautiful Mossman Gorge

Epiphytes on the rainforest trees.

Salties are not the best shoe selection for the rainforest, but at least they are waterproof! Moss and ferns up close.

Cairns Drawings

It's been a long time since I have been here on the blog, but I'm planning to be here a lot more I promise! In the Easter holidays we spent a week in balmy Cairns. I drew some tropical flowers with a black pilot pen and some of the kids $2 markers. There was a really cute green tree ant running around as well. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed drawing them!

Christmas 2012

In previous years - especially since having kids we have found Christmas to be pretty stressy, especially since my husband has had major deadlines at work around the same time. So this last festive season in 2012 consisted of us trying to keep it simple whilst trying to stick with the things we love to do.

We like to get a real tree, shop for the kids gifts together, attend carols for children on Christmas Eve, make a few decorations, bake ginger bread with friends and eat some cherries and other summer fruit (we are in Sydney after all). With kids you tend to do lots of fun things, for example we do Christmas craft at a friends house and playgroup Christmas party complete with farm animals!

It was fun to visit the Christmas windows in the city and visit the Swarovski Crystal tree at the Queen Victoria Building. It is totally magical!

We ended up with 17 people in the house on Christmas night and yep, I was cooking. I tried to keep it simple and prepare ahead of time so I could enjoy the day as well.

Spring in the garden

Lately we have been enjoying some beans from the garden and some fresh salads - we have, rocket, mizuna, mustard and some other salad varieties. A lot of things are getting eaten by the possums, the spinach is especially popular! Just when I think it's almost time for spinach pie it gets whisked away! Never-the-less we do get to eat some things. We also have corn and tomatoes on the way.

Carnations from the kids Grandmother "Marnie" by the cubbyhouse. On our to-do list - oil that cubbyhouse!

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

For my daughters second birthday we had a Mad Hatter's Tea Party. The kid loves hats so it just came to me one day, we had to have a Mad Hatter's Tea Party!

I nade a bunny cake (complete with coconut fur). We borrowed extra kids chairs from our neighbours, so we had lots of mismatched chairs which looked kind of mad. The kids decorated their own party hats with stickers. For food we had fruit, gingerbread hearts, cucumber and egg sandwiches, fairy bread and my husband likes to make rainbow jelly cups.

The Magical Labyrinth - Book out soon!

Exciting news!! The children's book that I illustrated recently will be out soon. Here is the final cover design. This lovely story was written by Ruth Jacobs Weaver, thanks Ruth for giving me the opportunity to illustrate your beautiful story - I am truly touched. Thanks also go to the publishers - Brolga Publishing.

A delightful children's story that explores the mystery and magic of the labyrinth and fairy land.

As Joel and his mother venture into the forest and walk the winding labyrinth, the fairies are ever watchful that they stay safe and don't wander off the path.

When they reach the centre of the labyrinth, the place where all wishes come true... Can you guess what Joel wishes for?

This beautiful story gently shows how we can all be kind and loving to one another.

Author Information

Ruth Weaver is a first time children's author from Western Australia and currently works as an art therapist. Her interest in labyrinths as a metaphor for life's journey has grown over the years and was the inspiration for this book.

I'll be posting more on the book in coming months. Can't wait to open my box when it arrives!

News from Spring

I thought I would swing by to update you on few things I have been up to lately. After a holiday visiting family in the country, Camping at Wombeyan caves followed by a relaxing few days at the beach, we returned refreshed and ready for the lead up to Christmas... maybe.

I recently joined Illustrators Australia, I'm very excited to be part of this great resource for Illustrators. You can see my little page over here.

I painted a piece of timber for the "9x5 show" for the Illustrators Australia CARNIVALE exhibition. I was inspired by a past trip to Venice and Padua. If you happen to be in Melbourne you can visit the 9X5 Exhibition at SPACE 39, Lvl 2, 39 Little Collins St, Melbourne. Opening night is this Friday the 9th November 6pm-9pm.

Last Saturday I made the long trek into the Blue Mountains to "Pinerolo" Margaret Hamilton's children's book cottage in Blackheath. She runs courses on children's book publishing among other things. It was so lovely to be swept up in her enthusiasm for the books she has created over the years and all the amazing writers and illustrators she has worked with. She was also joined by renowned illustrator Wayne Harris who showed us many of his award winning books and and the original illustrations he created for them.

I enjoyed Margaret's extensive Owl collection, original collections of artwork from many amazing artists including one of my former tutors Tony Oliver. I didn't get a chance to have a good peek at her book collection.